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Chauncey Watson, MSLIS/IS

Research and Instructional Services Manager

African Christianity and Mission, Ancient Near Eastern Studies, Animation, Anthropology, Anthropology of Religion, Arabic Studies, Biblical Studies, Biblical Theology, Biological Studies, Buddhist Studies, Business as Mission, Chemistry Studies, Church Planting, Communication, Community Health Advocacy, Community Transformation, Contextual Theology, Corrections, Creative Therapy, Criminal Investigation & Forensics, Criminal Justice, Criminal Law & Justice, Crisis & Disaster Management, Cultural Studies, Cultural Theology, Demographic Studies, Diaspora Studies, Digital Graphics, Drawing & Painting, Ecology Studies, Emerging Leadership, English, Environmental Justice, Environmental Law & Justice, Environmental Studies, Environmental Theology, Epidemiology, Ethnic Studies, Ethnodramatology, Ethnomusicology, Ethnovisual Arts, Experiential Learning SCE, Experiential Learning SCM, Experiential Learning STS, Faith Community Services, Film & Theatre Studies , Financial Fraud Investigation, Folk Religion and Culture, Geography (Cultural), Geological Studies, Geopolitical Theology, Geospatial Studies, Gerontology, Global Healthcare, Greco-Roman Civilization, Greek Language, Health, Health Law & Justice, Health Ministry, Hebrew Language, Hindu Religion and Culture, Hindu Studies, Historical Studies, Hospice & Palliative Care, Human Physiology, Immigration and Diaspora Studies, Infectious Diseases, Information Technology Management, Intercultural Theology and Interreligious Dialogue, International Law & Justice, Islamic Studies, Journalism, Judaic Studies, Legal Services, Linguistics, Mathematics, Media, Medical Mission, Medical Theology, Mental Health & Substance Abuse, Military Family Advocacy, Mission Studies, Missional Congregations, Missional Living, Missional Theology, Moral Theology, Music & Worship Studies, Music Composition, New Religious Movements, New Testament Mission, Nutrition, Organizational Leadership, Pastoral Care & Chaplaincy, Physics, Private Law, Psychology, Public Safety & Security, Publications, Reconciliation Studies, Rehabilitation Counseling, Religion Studies, Sanskrit Studies, Social Theology, Social Work, Sociology, Spiritual Caregiving, Spiritual Direction, Sports Management, Subject Guides, Sustainable Communities, Tester, Theology of Equitable Justice, Theology of Science, Urban Mission, Visual Communication, Youth & Family
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